Air Receivers


An air receiver tank is an integral and important part of any compressed air system. In a compressed air system, a receiver tank provides the following benefits:

  • It serves as a reservoir to take care of sudden or unusually heavy demands for air in excess of the compressor’s designed capacity
  • The receiver tank will help remove water from the system by allowing the air a chance to cool.
  • It damps pulsations from the discharge line of a reciprocating compressor, resulting in an essentially steady flow of air in the system.
  • It prevents the excessive cycling of a compressor.
  • It knocks out solid dirt and particulate matter that may have passed through the compressor inlet filter or may be formed by compressor wear.
  • It precipitates out contaminates and oil carry-over from the compressor oil that might get into the compressor discharge
  • It helps cool the compressed air and precipitates out moisture that inevitably results from air compression
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